We have mixed experience levels in our classes. We work with each individual child – setting them exercises and projects that bring out their creativity as well as coding skills.
To get a great start
Scratch Junior – works on a tablet or ipad and has very good coding basics that is visual based – drag and drop – so no reading required.
Scratch on laptop – this requires good mouse operation – we use a couple of programs in class that make it fun and also develop spatial skills. Scratch is brilliant – it allows a great range of creativity – make videos, games, stories. Suitable from 6 – 12. It requires basic reading – AND we find the children motivated to learn the short words in scratch.
The foos on ipad/phone – does not require reading – is based on scratch so quite similar and has a great structured approach.
Minecraft with a creative and educational focus: music in minecraft, project building, redstone electronics (in-game). See our other blogs on creative minecraft
Kitticode designs our programs to be a fun mix of activities – to create optimum conditions for loving learning. Indoors/outdoors, games, creative exercises focused around the coding projects they are doing. So you will find them designing and storyboarding, pitching their ideas, building prototypes with blocks, and playing physical maths and coding games.