When we think of Minecraft, most of us can envision our kids in front of a screen, breaking blocks, killing monsters and forgetting about everything else. However we have a sense of wonder of:

  • Why are kids so obsessed with minecraft?
  • How can we tell if it is good or bad screen time?
  • What valuable things our kids can do besides chasing Zombies?

In this series of articles, we want to unveil all the creativity aspects of Minecraft and explore minecraft as a creative tool with some guidance . This article will focus on creative building. Scroll to the bottom to view other creative aspects of Minecraft.

Minecraft Architecture

The most prominent feature of minecraft is placing and breaking blocks. Ten out of ten kids will build their home in Minecraft. Unfortunately, without proper guiding, most of the minecraft houses will have aesthetic looks like below.

These house designs can help the player survive the night. However, they are, needless to say, of little aesthetic appealing or architectural beauty. 

However, creatives over the internet have used Minecraft to build all the famous constructions from Sydney opera house to the statue of liberty; from the Taj Mahal to the Great Wall. The figure below shows a glimpse of what has been built .

In fact, Minecraft has been used by professional architect as a computer aid design (CAD) tool to design and build. Schools of architecture is using Minecraft to teach undergraduate students architectural concepts. For younger kids, professional body like Chicago Architecture Foundation is hosting summer camps to teach them how to think and design as real architect.

As adults, we all know architect (e.g., house, urban, city planning) are professionals with high creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is also one of the most rewarding careers one can have.

To those who are interested to help their kids go deep in this area, I’ve add more resources below.

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