Speaking of Minecraft, most of us can envision our kids sitting in front of a screen, breaking blocks, killing monsters and forgetting about everything else. We can’t help wondering:

  • Why are kids so obsessed with minecraft?
  • How can we tell if it is good or bad screen time?
  • What valuable things our kids can do besides chasing Zombies?

In this series of articles, we want to unveil all the creativity aspects of Minecraft and show you how kids can be empowered by a little bit of guiding.

Creative Minecraft: Animation, Storytelling and Movie Making

It may seem strange if we tell you Minecraft can be used to tell stories and make movies. After all, it is a game right?

Indeed, there are no concepts like camera, shot, scene, rendering in Minecraft. However, by watching the following two videos, you will probably know what I mean.

Example 1 – Village Life


Example 2 – Blocking Dead


Amazing, aren’t they?

What if our kids can do something similar?

What if we can make Minecraft not only a game but also a way to tell their own stories, express their own ideas and emotions?

Kitticode, we are developing hands-on courses to help kids to:

  1. Understand the art of storytelling
  2. Making their own storyboard
  3. Learn to use, in project settings, animation tools step-by-step
  4. Understand and perform video editing and production
  5. Collaborate and create Minecraft movies of their own
  6. Publish to share with the whole world

Let’s make childrens screen time valuable !

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